Burgundy Red Stretch Velvet Mrs Claus Dress, Holiday Dress, Fits Sizes 14-18 Active

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Mrs Claus Costume or Christmas Holiday Dress, Fits Size 14-18
Burgundy Red Stretch Velvet that drapes luxuriously, Black Elastic Waist with Brass Buckle, Elastic Sleeve Cuffs
Check your measurements with those of the garment
Dimensions: Length: 58″, Hips: 52″, Sleeves: 27″ to elastic cuff, Cuff fits 7″ – 13″ wrist, Bodice Length: 20″, Bust: 50″,
Waist: 36″ – 56″, Skirt Length: 40″
Faux Fur Collar” 7″ at Widest

Another version available with Apron.. Apron sold separately