Chillin’ Santa – Cooling Vest

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Chillin’ Santa – Cooling Vest conforms to your body, Freezes at 52 F, Adjustable Straps & Waist Band,   

Keep Santa Cool with the new Santa Shield!!
No need to wear another piece of clothing that adds more heat with this Cooling Vest/Santa Shield.  Notice that you need not put packets in a heavy canvass garment that holds the cooling media further from your body’s core (that’s what most Santa’s use today)……Use the newly designed Santa Shield. Has only 2 parts….front and back (and to expedite dressing they can be interchanged). No more loading thick canvass vests with a bunch of individual cooling packs (most vests use 4 or more packs). And the best part…the Shield covers more of the torso area and is extremely comfortable for a “Sitting Santa”.
1.     The Shield freezes at approx. 55 deg. F. and will normally last for an entire shift (2-3 hours). During a break put it in an ice chest for quick refreezing or keep a spare in the refrigerator for instant swap out.
2.     The Shield has zone separations that enhance comfort when sitting and most importantly eliminates that pushup ridge at the top of the Santa suit that aggravates most photographers.
3.     Fully adjustable. Velcro straps are included so that Santa can adjust the height for optimum cooling and comfort. Also, a lightweight belt is provided to hold the front & back shield in place eliminating the need for a vest altogether. Thus, giving each individual total customization regardless of body type.
4.     Lightweight. Just wear your normal undershirt and enjoy this optimal cooling experience. Remember you have eliminated any vest and each shield weighs 3lbs. so you add a total of 6 lbs. of non-insulated (no vest to stand between you and the cooling media) cooling to your body. Each shield is constructed of high strength polyurethane and measures 14” x 14”.
Front and Back cooling packets on white velcro with white belt.
Option to Order with extra set of Cooling Vest  Packets 

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Cooling Vest Only, Cooling Vest & Second Set of Cooling Shields, Second Set of Cooling Shields