Santa’s Head Cooler

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Cool Head Santa!!

The secret for keeping a Cool Head is to use this unique crown cooling pad. Yes, it fits right under your Santa hat and can be held in place with one of our Santa Beanies.
Regardless of what method you decide to use, whether it’s our Beanie, body tape or whatever, you will need to have something as this little rascal will slide all over the place if you attempt to just have your hat hold it in place.
1.     You won’t have to have a lot on your mind….as this weighs only 8 ounces and constructed of high strength polyurethane.
2.     Freezes at approximately 55 deg. F. in an ice chest (fastest) or the refrigerator in approximately 45 minutes.
3.     The Crown Cooler is approximately 6” in diameter..
Crown Cooler    alone $20.00,   with  Sweat Absorbing Mid Cap Beanie  = $39.95



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Crown Cooler Only, Cooler w/ Sweat Absorbing Mid Cap Beanie