Santa’s Magic Red Finger

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  1. Use this device to “light up” a child’s nose whenever they tell Santa that their favorite reindeer is Rudolph!! Also, use as a lie detector when older teens tell Santa that they have been good all year!! This device has been thoroughly tested for 2 seasons at one of the busiest malls in America.
  • Features:
  • 1.    Brightest Red LED available on the market. Shines brightly even through the heaviest of white gloves. (Do not use with red color Santa gloves)
  • 2.    Allows Santa to wear any style or weight white glove and change repeatedly during and/or after shifts. Electrical devices such as Santa’s Magic          Finger should not be immersed in water so gloves must always be washed apart from the glove and magic finger combination. 
  • 3.    Large push button allows for easy actuation and still gives Santa the use of both hands while handling small children.
  • 4.    Velcro strap allows for quick attachment and removal and aids in adjusting to different size hands and wrists.
  • 5.    Easy battery replacement. The battery can be easily removed without tools and replaced with a standard disc type 3V Lithium CR2032 battery that can be purchased wherever electronics are sold. (Old batteries must be disposed of properly and kept out of the reach of children)
  • 6.    Do Not!!….look at uncovered LED when lit as it can have an adverse effect on one’s vision.
  • 7.    LIMITED WARRANTY. One year from date of purchase.             Price is $85.00,  Click on Add to Cart Below.