All Red-Santa Suit and Costume Protector – Santa Bib – Multi Purpose Holiday Bib

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My Santa never eats out with out his Santa Bib!!   The intention of this Bib was for  Santa to wear during his breaks or when eating while wearing his Santa Suit to protect his out fit, Suit  from spills & food.                                                                  It’s extra long  = 30″ and 14 3/4″ wide with a water repellent fabric on the back to keep spills from the costume, and has elastic closure at top so it just slips over the head.  My Santa did not like the Velcro and preferred the elastic – so this Bib Style has been well tested over the past 2-3 years.  

This style is made of  Red Terry Cloth (ironically my Santa’s name is Terry), trimmed in Holly Green Seam Binding, decorated with an embroidered Holly appliqué.       My Santa carries it to every restaurant, keeps one in the car to protect his clothing and not worry about spills when he eats.

 A Customer also bought this type Bib for her mother who is in a nursing home ,in a wheel chair and often has a messy meal time.  This Bib can serve multiple purposes and look festive at the same time.